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School Veg Gardens
Planning meeting

Invergarven school now have their garden under way. With the help of the local sky engineers and a whole host of local business's the garden looks fantastic. They already have lots of plants and herbs in their beds and they are hoping to get seasonal veg in.

When the veg is ready they are hoping to have enough to sell to help with school funds. We will watch with interest and keep updates here. Thanks to everyone who put in the hard work.

Have a look on our gallery page and see some of the photos we took as the work was carried out.

We still have lots of land so if there are any groups out there who are interested in a plot please by all means get in touch!

Miniature Train
Ayr princess

At last our train is ready. After a lot of hard work and thanks to McCulloch rail we had a grand opening on 15th December 2012.

The train has now become an integral part of the garden centre and will run throughout the year weather permitting of course.

As we start our new season in 2016 we have lots of new gifts arriving.

Just now we have our seed potatos in stock and our first bedding delivery has arrived,

We will be updating our photos soon so keep watching.

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